The Best Financial Apps of 2019

It’s no secret that the smartphone has transformed modern life, and one of the biggest changes is the way it’s changed banking. From tracking expenses to making purchases and even investing, financial apps are becoming more powerful and useful every day. As 2019 approaches, we’ve put together a short guide of our favorite financial apps to help you keep your budget organized in the coming year.

Best App For Budgeting: Mint

These days, few people actually handle all of the money they make on payday. Instead, between direct deposits and online bill pay, it can seem like money simply disappears. Mint helps users keep their finances in order by tracking and categorizing expenses. The Mint app securely connects to your bank account to analyze your spending. Simple tools and payment calculators can help you plan for your monthly bills, get out of debt, and even set some money aside.

Best Savings App: Digit

One of oldest ways of saving money was saving your change. However, in a world filled with digital payments, there weren’t a lot of cyber pennies laying around. That’s where Digit comes in. The app uses rules that help you save money without thinking about, like the round-up rule. This causes purchases to be rounded up to the nearest dollar amount and transfers the digital spare change to an online saving account. Before long, you’ll have a rainy day fund stashed away!

Best Mobile Deposits App: Points West Mobile Banking

Online banking allows for just about any transaction to be handled digitally. The only problem is handling paper checks. Instead of waiting around for the bank to open, now you can quickly and securely deposit checks with your smartphone with the Points West Mobile Banking app. Available as a free download in both the iOS and Android Play stores, PWCB Mobile Deposit accepts most check types, including money orders, payroll, personal and government checks. In most cases, the funds will be made available to you the first business day after the day of deposit.

Have a favorite financial app we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments! Visit the Points West Community Bank website today to learn more about our mobile banking!

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