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A True Community Bank

Since 1906, Points West Community Bank has remained a true community bank, locally-owned and managed and committed to ensuring that the interests of our customers come first. For more than 110 years, that guiding principle has helped Points West to grow into the trusted, close-to-home, financial service provider that we are today.

As a true community bank, our promise is to provide customers with the best personal service and a wide range of quality bank products, so we offer a variety of financial products for the personal and business needs of our community.

We realize how important it is to support the people who make up our community as well as the community itself. Points West is proud to say that our team lives here, works here and banks here, and your money stays here in our community when you bank with us.


Build stronger communities through financial support, reinvestment, and active participation.


With community at our core, we aim to know our customers by name. We help folks save for the future and finance their dreams by creating partnerships and banking with honesty.

Fundamental Truths of Points West Community Bank

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Hometown Feel

Our communities are our biggest strength. From the bankers we hire to the businesses we support, it’s our honor & privilege to raise up those around us. After all, Community is our middle name.

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Cards on the Table

Above all, we strive to be forthright, ethical, and honest at every turn. Without trust, we are nothing.

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Elbow Grease

We put in the work ourselves, which yields stable, organic growth and lends us greater flexibility to serve our communities. Our service is unbeatable and our bankers unrivaled. Decisions are made in-house — at each location — and they always will be.

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Shake on It

We’re not looking for clients, we’re looking for partners. Our goal is to build lifelong, down-home relationships based on trust and the desire for mutual success.

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You don’t get to be more than 100 years old without grit. We prioritize sustainability and conscientious decision-making because we understand that short-term gains lead to long-term problems. Our partners and our communities rely on us, and we aim to be there for them.

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