We are pleased to inform you that account transactions are now displaying again within our online and mobile banking platforms.

This issue was a result of collateral damage from the Crowdstrike incident, which impacted our core banking provider’s ability to supply transaction data to our online banking system.

We sincerely thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve this issue.



  • Valid photo identification
  • Proof of address and/or social security card may be requested at time of opening
  • Valid Photo Identification of sole proprietor
  • Registration of Trade Name (In Colorado)
  • Proof of address and/or social security card may be requested at time of opening
  • Valid Photo Identification (for all signers)
  • Articles of Incorporation (for Corporations and Non-Profit Corporations)
  • Articles of Organization (for LLCs)
  • Partnership agreements (for general partnerships, LPs, and LLPs)
  • Minutes showing that an account needs to be opened and who can sign (for Unincorporated Associations)
  • Operating Agreement/By-Laws/Minutes may be requested at time of opening
  • Certificate of Good Standing (if copy is available)
  • Proof of address and/or EIN Assignment Letter may be requested at time of opening
  • Legal name, physical address, social security number, birth date, and copy of valid photo identification for all owners of a legal entity that own 25% or more of the entity and one person with significant control over the legal entity.
  • Customer Information Form – this adds layers of security to your account and helps us gather required information to open the account
  • Authorization Resolution – provides bank with knowledge of who has access to the account
  • Certificate of Beneficial Ownership (if applicable – only for legal entities)
  • Internet Gambling Form
  • Signature Card
  • Specialized accounts may require more paperwork to open the account
  • Valid Photo Identification (for the signers)
  • EIN or social security number for owner of account (trust, estate, protected person (in a conservatorship), recipient of social security (for a representative payee account))
  • Address verification and/or EIN Assignment Letter/social security card may be requested at time of opening
  • Documentation identifying the Trust, Estate, Conservatorship, or nomination of Representative Payee
    • Trust: Trust documents
    • Estate: Letters of Administration/Testamentary/Oath of Personal Representative
    • Conservatorship: Court Documents Appointing a Conservator
    • Representative Payee: Social Security Designation


No. Points West will never call you to ask for personal details such as your social security number. If you receive a call requesting such info, please let us know so we can help secure your account.

Yes! You can now manage your card within our mobile banking app!

We can look up a forgotten username. Please give us a call at the customer service number (833-226-7474) for assistance.

Yes. Please call our customer service number to identify why the mobile deposit was denied. We can assist you on how to re-deposit your check.

ID, birth certificate, and/or social security card for the minor may be requested at the time of opening

Please call your branch location or the customer service number (833-226-7474) to request a card limit increase.

Check out our different business and personal account types to view the corresponding minimum deposit.

For personal accounts, we offer mobile check deposit through our app and online banking. To make a mobile deposit in Business Online, please contact your local branch to set up this feature. In addition, both personal and business accounts can use our deposit drops and your checks will be deposited the next business day. Our deposit drops are typically located in our drive-thrus for your convenience!

  • Step 1: Login to our Mobile Banking App
  • Step 2: Click “Deposit” near the bottom of the app, then “Deposit a check”
  • Step 3: Select the account you’d like to deposit the check into, and enter the check amount
  • Step 4: Endorse the back of the check. You must endorse with
    • 1) the words “For Deposit Only by Mobile Deposit” or “Mobile Deposit Only” or “For Remote Deposit Only”;
    • 2) the date of the deposit. Please note that if a check is not properly endorsed Points West Bank reserves the right to reject the check for deposit.
    • 3) your signature.
  • Step 5: Take photos within the app of the front and back of your check. Make sure the photos are clear and include the entirety of the check.
  • Step 6: Submit your mobile deposit.

Contact us with any questions if you are having trouble or see your mobile deposits continuously getting rejected.

Have more questions? Contact us!

Email us at CustomerService@pwcbank.com
or call 833-226-7474

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