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Points West Bank bundles grapefruits for food bank

Points West Bank Volunteered to Bundle Grapefruit for Food Bank for Larimer County

Giving back to the community is always top of mind at Points West Community Bank. Especially as we open new locations, we love that volunteering gives us the opportunity to introduce ourselves as community members on each side of town. We also use volunteering as a team-building activity for new staff members, so that they experience firsthand what it means to work for a community bank. Being that our Timberline location is new, we did just that.

To help the fight against hunger, our Timberline staff volunteered with the Food Bank for Larimer County to bundle grapefruit together into family-sized servings to be given away to those in need.

Last year, volunteers enabled our community to distribute 8.6 million pounds of food, provided food pantry service to an estimated 37,500 individuals, prepare and deliver over 187,000 meals and snacks to children and seniors, as well as partner with more than 100 local agency partner programs to fight hunger.

We believe that volunteering is just one way that we can make a difference, and it is an important one.

If you are ever interested in volunteering or need volunteers for your event or fundraiser, please contact us.