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Ault Well Service Red Truck

Ault Well Service

Mark started his business, Ault Well Service, in the May of 1985, the year he moved to Julesburg. He became a customer of the bank at that time. He says they started broke, scooping the snow and rocks out of feed bunks, fixing fences, whatever they needed to do to make ends meet.

Now they have two rigs and property with their shop, inventory and extra equipment. In the last 35 years, a lot has changed. They’re busier and have more customers, and the technology’s changed – things like solar pumping equipment and variable frequency drives. There’s a lot more automation and more sophisticated electronics.

While the limited population of the area gives little room for growth, Mark’s managed to grow his business. His son Koby works with him now and will take over the business when Mark’s done. Together, they cover about a 75 mile radius from their base shop in Julesburg.

Sedgwick County – and Northeastern Colorado – is a special place to have a business. People are appreciative of the services Ault Well Service provides and the community takes away the panic of a stressful situation. COVID itself has had very little impact on the business, if at all, but 2020 has thrown them some curveballs in other areas.

In February, Mark hurt his hand on the job.  The pipe snapped above the well and he went to grab the wire before it could fall down – which is something you should never do, he said. He knew better, and always tells people, if something is falling or something goes wrong, you let it go and get out of the way. He grabbed the wire anyway, and it wrapped around his hand and basically crushed it. The owner of the place they were working on drove Mark to the emergency room and a friend of Koby’s, Reed Jablonski, came out to the site right away to help Koby finish the job.

Mark had severe burns from where the wire took the skin off his hand and broke a total of 5 bones. He had to have pins put in, which took him off the job for six weeks. In the meantime, people in the community like Colten Woodhams, Pete Walter, and others stepped up to help Koby depending on the day. Mark was back to work just in time for Koby’s shoulder injury, which he’s had surgery on but will keep him out for a while. Bronson has stepped up to help Mark, and Mark says he’d like to keep him around once Koby’s back, too.

“So that’s why we live where we live,” Mark said. “We’re lucky to support a community that supports us so well.”

People need water, so it’s not a need that goes away – not when they’re injured and not on weekends or holidays either. No matter what the day, Mark and Koby go out to fix whatever problem arises.

As much as the community supports Ault Well Service, Mark and Koby do what they can to reciprocate that support. 

“I grew up here,” Koby said. “Everything I did growing up was supported by small businesses like us, so we do our best to do the same for the community.” 

Ault Well Service purchases livestock at the county fair and sponsors 4-H project awards. Koby helps coach the football team and the two of them sponsor and show up to support the other sports teams. Mark was on the Ovid Volunteer Fire Department and Koby still is and you’ll always see them helping out at cattle brandings around the community.

Mark and Koby have been great customers and friends of Points West Bank, and a huge support to our community. They wanted to add that they will always appreciate past, present and future customers.