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The Legacy of Reuben Lisco, Points West Founder

Reuben was renowned as one of the community’s leading citizens and was strongly identified as a pioneer rancher and progressive contributor to the Lisco, Nebraska area.

Ruben was a resident of the county since 1881, arriving that year from Platte county, where he had resided for some time. He secured a job as a cowhand with the Rush Creek Land and Cattle company and he continued in the employ of this ranch outfit for a good many years, later becoming vice president and business manager of it. He was still associated with the Wells Brothers, owners of the ranch, and had an extensive interest in these holdings and in other property.

He was the founder of the town of Lisco, he organized and managed the first store in the town for several years and he was the founder of the Lisco State bank and remained the president of that institution until his passing.

When Dreuel county was organized in 1888, Reuben became the first sheriff of the new municipality and served in that official position for four terms. He retired from political office to look after his own affairs, although public positions would have been his had he felt inclined to accept.

Reuben was but a lad of 14 years old when he first became a resident of the state in 1873 and had only arrived in the western country a year prior to make it his home. The life of a cowboy and stock raiser appealed to him and he never entirely quit this line of work. Even in his late years, he would be seen riding over the extensive rangelands of the Club Ranch or over his own holdings, or would actively assist in the dividing of his herds, branding the calves, and other ranch work. He was just another one of the men when at this work, and when sitting at his desk in the bank or in his family home, he was just the same. He knew everyone for many miles around by their first name and he was familiarly and affectionately known to them all as “Rube Lisco.”

On February 5, 1895, Reuben was married to Miss Addie R. Miller, and she was with him during the pioneer struggles of the early days, leading to the companionship of more than 40 years.

His judgment and his instructions were received with attention by his acquaintances and friends everywhere. He was a highly esteemed member of the stockmen’s association and was actively involved in the work of that association.

Rube Lisco, the founder of Points West Community Bank, is remembered as a revered cattleman and public citizen, setting the standard for Points West community-centered values then and today.