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Colorado Mountain RV: Customer Story

Colorado Mountain RV is a family-owned business with roots going back to 1976 and has been a valued customer of Points West Community Bank since 2009.  

Sheila Morey and her husband, Tim, started with Colorado Mountain RV in June of 2009. With a degree in nutrition, working in the RV business, let alone managing one, was uncharted territory for Sheila.

“We had a family friend that came in for the summer that taught me the ropes, and Tim taught me quite a bit,” she said.

Tim stood in the background as I sat across from Sheila, giving her all the credit of managing their business. 

“Tim is the big picture man behind the scenes,” Sheila said in response.

The business started out with seven trailers at the store.

“I remember my first one I had to call for a trade – it was a Catalina,” she recalled. 

Colorado Mountain RV has come a long way since then. They now try to keep 80-100 trailers available and the goal is to turn that inventory at least three times annually.

“When I first started, I was scared to death,” she said. “I didn’t know a lot about any of this.”

“It’s important to note, there were very few ladies in the RV business,” Tim chimed in. “It’s a very male-dominated industry, so Sheila was definitely more of an anomaly and she’s been very successful.

Sheila humbly attributes much of her success to her husband, who had a lot of connections in the business to get started. Another thing Tim helped Sheila with was learning all of the rules and regulations that come with selling trailers.

The various departments and organizations they must deal with during a sale of an RV include the DMV, Colorado Department of Revenue, the UCC, Department of Labor, OSHA, the list goes on and is ever-changing.

All buyers have to be tested to drive or haul a trailer. All sales have to be bonded.

“A lot of people don’t understand that an RV is a house on wheels,” Sheila said. “It has plumbing, heating, air, fiber-glass repair, vent repair, all the electrical, propane, that are running through this rig, besides your wheels, your axles, your hitch, trailer brakes…”

All this to say, an RV has a lot more going on than simply the fun of camping. Every trailer that’s delivered is a minimum of four hours of servicing. Colorado Mountain RV not only sells trailers, but offers full service and parts. Their promise to their customers is that they offer RV’s and services for less money, less stress, less waste of your time, better attention, and more value.  

“We really enjoy working with the Morey’s,” said Shane Sparks, Loan Officer for Points West Community Bank in Windsor. “They are a great family-run business, with great customer service, and sound advice for their customers.”