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As a true community bank, our promise is to provide customers with the best personal service and a wide range of quality bank products. We offer commercial banking, personal banking, free on-line banking, and free bill pay services for both personal and business use. Being locally-owned and managed gives us the ability to make decisions quickly and to provide more customized products and services. Also, because we do not have the big overhead of other banks, we can pass the savings on to our customers.

We hope you enjoy our web site. Please feel free to email us with any questions or thoughts on how we might improve our site, products, or services. Thank you for visiting.

Are You Heading Out of Town?

image_travelingDue to an increase of fraudulent activity reported in the States of Texas, California, and Georgia you may experience difficulty while traveling when using your Points West Community Bank Visa Debit Card as a ‘credit’ transaction. We encourage you to always use DEBIT transactions and enter your PIN# for any sale or purchase, including restaurants and paying for fuel at the pump.

Should you have any questions, please call to speak with a Points West Community Bank Representative for one-on-one Visa Debit Card assistance. Are you heading out of town? Call us before you travel, with questions or concerns about using your Visa Debit Card while traveling.


When using your VISA Debit Card, please note the following:

  • Some merchants (IE: Car rentals, Hotel reservations, travel agencies) may, at the time a reservation or purchase is made will obtain an authorization from the issuer in an amount that is greater that the estimated charge. These funds will no longer be available for your use. This is for the purpose of covering any unexpected fee or charge from the merchant, for example a car rental not returned on time or additional charges to your hotel room.
  • When the transaction is complete, IE: Return of vehicle, or check out of hotel, the merchant will process the total amount due and the original preauthorized amount will be released, however there may be a significant delay between the time that the charges are received and the issuer releases the authorization.
  • Merchants cannot request the bank to release the authorized funds on your behalf.
  • It is always advisable to have a second method of payment available
  • If you experience problems contact your branch.

Get More From Your Checking Account

Every new checking account includes:

FREE Visa Debit Card
FREE Online Banking and Bill Pay
FREE return of check images on monthly statement
FREE easy-to-balance monthly statement or E-statements

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