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Small Business Checking Accounts

When choosing a bank for your small business checking account, there are countless things to consider. From minimum balance requirements to monthly transaction fees, all the expenses can add up fast. For small businesses in Colorado, it is important to select a business checking account that puts more of your revenue back into your business. At Points West Community Bank, we’ve created small business checking accounts that work for you instead of charging more and offering less.


No Minimum Balance

Running a small business often means making tough financial decisions. Whether you need to spend your earnings on new business cards and signage or are making an investment in your business by increasing your inventory, there are times when you need to make hard choices that require spending your cash on hand. At Points West Community Bank, we understand that small business owners need to take risks like this to grow. That’s why our small business checking accounts have no minimum balance requirements. Instead of worrying about being charged a fee to grow, we support local Colorado businesses by eliminating fees.


Eliminating Monthly Fees

In addition to eliminating minimum balance fees, Points West Community Bank does not charge a monthly service fee. This means more of your hard-earned cash can go directly into your business for whatever expenses you need to cover. Instead of worrying about bank fees, you can focus on hiring more employees and handling payroll. Plus, with 1,000 free monthly transaction items, with additional items only $0.25 each, you can focus on sales. Finally, every small business owner knows that making regular currency deposits is crucial to success. Because of this, every small business checking account includes unlimited currency deposits. And with eight locations throughout Northern Colorado, making a deposit is simple and convenient.


At Points West Community Bank, we know that small businesses are the backbone of the local economy. For that reason, we’re making it easier for Colorado business owners to keep their money invested in their companies. With no minimum balance requirements, no monthly service fees, and 1,000 free monthly transactions, our small business checking accounts are the perfect match for your small business. Contact a local banker today to set up your account!