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Keep Track of Your Debit Card with the CardValet Mobile App

The best way to monitor and manage your debit card is with our new CardValet mobile app. CardValet helps you protect your debit and credit cards by sending you transaction alerts and giving you the ability to define when, where and how your cards are used.

Below are a few of its benefits, capabilities and features:

Protect Yourself

Get mobile alerts whenever your card is used.

Track Card Use

Review card usage history and transaction details.

Set Limits

Set customized purchase controls to help manage your spending.

Set Location-Based Alerts

Transactions requested outside of the specified range can be declined.

Parental Controls

Parents can remotely control and monitor their children’s spending.

Card On/Off Setting

Disable a lost or stolen car or prevent fraudulent activity in the case of a data breach.


Simply download the CardValet app to your smartphone, then customize your alert preferences and usage settings to monitor and manage your cards!


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