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Why Community Is Important

As a local community bank, our primary focus is supporting the communities around us. We are dedicated to building stronger communities through support, reinvestment, and active participation. Our objective is to not only to support our community financially but to make vital contributions to our members’ lives on a daily basis. Whether we’re guiding first-time home buyers through their purchases, shopping at local businesses or cheering on our neighbors in the stands at sporting events, it all contributes to the exceptional service Points West is known for.

For 115 years, Points West Community Bank has remained a true community bank, locally-owned and managed and committed to ensuring that our customer’s interests come first. We help people save for the future and finance their dreams by creating partnerships and banking with honesty. From the bankers we hire to the businesses we support, it’s our honor & privilege to raise up those around us. After all, Community is our middle name. 

At Points West, we take pride in knowing that the money that our members invest in our banks, goes into the betterment of the communities we live in. All decisions are made in house, meaning that you don’t have to fit the criteria, we make decisions based on the specific needs of you, our customer. 

With community at our core, we aim to know our customers by name. We want our members to find comfort in the fact that they know the person behind the counter when they come in to bank with us. That’s why it’s not unusual to hear our employees and members interacting on a personal level that goes beyond banking. When people call our phones, real people answer. Unlike larger banks, we believe in being a first-hand source for advice and information on your financial wellbeing. These relationships allow us to better service our customers and know what they need before they walk into our locations. 

We realize how important it is to support the people who make up our community as well as the community itself. Points West is proud to say that our team lives here, works here and banks here, and your money stays here in our community when you bank with us. 

Our partners and our communities rely on us, and we aim to be there for them.