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Meet Tom Olson

Tom Olson has been a member of the Points West community since the day he was able to walk. He started working on the Rush Creek Ranch when he was a young boy until his senior year of high school. Around that time, Tom and his good friend, Steve Poppe, thought it was time for a change and wanted to pursue new jobs in Estes Park, but without their parents’ permission. For the interview, they both told their parents they were attending a football game and they made a dash for Estes Park. Tom applied for the Bank of Estes, but what he didn’t know was that his family had part ownership in the bank! 

The following summer, Tom worked for Dalton State Bank, which would later take the name Points West, and cleaned out the basement, in addition to getting his pilot’s license in Sidney. For the next three summers, Tom worked at the National Bank of Commerce in Lincoln, Nebraska as a credit analyst. After graduation, he secured a position in the GE Capital Financial Management Training Program. Tom packed his bags and headed to Connecticut. After two years of training and living in Chicago, Tom was offered a full-time position with GE. This decision to take the job was not an easy one. On one hand, he couldn’t turn down the salary and he could not financially afford to leave. On the other hand, his heart was telling him to return to the family banks. The only issue was that he knew the family banks did not have an opening. Tom returned home only for Christmas when he ran into his old boss, Jim Stuart. Jim told Tom that the job offer from the National Bank of Commerce was still on the table. After some time and consideration, Tom decided to return to Lincoln, Nebraska and work for Jim. After a few years working in Lincoln, Tom received a call that there was an opening at the bank in Dalton. Without hesitation, Tom, his wife Stacie, and their two-year-old son packed up and headed to Dalton. 

There were many afternoons that it was only Tom and Stacie heading up the bank. After a few years of hard work, Bruce Batt thought Tom earned a promotion and moved him to Sidney where he took on the role of Senior Lender. Shortly after, the bank expanded and purchased First National Bank in Julesburg and Tom was tasked with heading up the newest edition. For 16 years, Tom and Stacie remained in Julesburg with their two kids, Tommy and Marin, while he built many strong relationships with the customers and employees at the bank. After Stacie’s passing in 2013 and Marin’s graduation from high school in 2015, Tom relocated to Lincoln, Nebraska while continuing his job from home. 

In 27 years with the bank, Tom has held many titles and involved himself in many outside organizations. He currently serves as Chairman of Points West Community Bank and First Nebraska Bancs, Inc. Tom also serves on the Federal Home Loan Bank as the Compensation, Human Resources and Inclusion Chairman and is or has been a board member of Rush Creek Land & Livestock Company, UNL College of Business, Sedgwick County Rotary, Gateway Medical Foundation and United Methodist Church Administrative Board. 

Tom has been a crucial piece in the success and expansion of Points West Community Bank. We are grateful for his hard work and drive to make all of our Points West customers feel a part of the family.