Scam of The Week: Phony LinkedIn Job Postings

It was recently discovered that job postings on LinkedIn aren’t as secure as you might expect. Anyone with a LinkedIn profile can anonymously create a job posting for nearly any small or medium-sized organization. The person creating the post does not have to prove whether or not they are associated with that organization. This means … Read more

The Importance of Protecting Your Bank Account

The Importance of Protecting Your Bank Account  Protecting your bank account is one of the first and most important things you should do when setting up a new account. There are so many potential threats that aren’t worth worrying about when you can just follow these short steps to protect your account.  We will never … Read more

Scam of the Week: Beware of Copyright Scammers

In a recent phishing scam, scammers told users that they have violated copyright laws and must take immediate action to protect their accounts. The scammers claim that the content the user posted, such as an Instagram photo or a YouTube video, violates copyright law. Users are told that they must immediately click a link to … Read more

Scam of The Month: Using Synonyms to Scam, Con, and Dupe You

Most email clients have security filters that scan your incoming emails for keywords. When certain keywords accompany other suspicious elements, the email will be filtered into your Spam or Trash folder. But cybercriminals can bypass your email filter using one simple tool: synonyms. Bad guys are replacing commonly-filtered words with synonyms (words or phrases that … Read more

Scam of the Week: Advanced Look-alike Login Pages

Here’s a popular phishing scenario: You receive an email with a link. The link takes you to a phony login page with the name and logo of a legitimate website. Once you submit your username and password, the information is sent straight to the bad guys. Cybercriminals love to use these phony look-alike login pages … Read more

Scam of the Week: Romantic Investment Scams

Romantic Investment Scams Let’s be honest, the age of social distancing can leave us feeling lonely. To make matters worse, bad guys are leveraging our loneliness for their scams. Romance-related scams are growing more popular and more complex. In the latest romance-related scam, bad guys use a dating app to find their target, build a … Read more